Large TCP attack, trace down the botnet!

A friend of mine who owns a datacenter (and (D)DoS mitigation company) contacted me earlier this week asking for help with a large attack that »

Logitech G430 on mac

So, I just got the Logitech G430 headset (pretty comfortable and great in quality!) but the only thing that is bad about it is that I »

Portmap amplification

While this post is a bit late, man I am lazy, the timing of it reflects on the danger of it. Portmap? Portmap is a pretty »

Let's talk about mitigation!

Our last post was about (D)DoS attacks and LizardSquad so let’s focus a bit more towards mitigation and stopping DDoS attacks. First let& »

Is your router part of a botnet?

Recently the amount of compromised routers have been increasing tremendously due to "hacking group" called "LizardSquad" notoriously known for their large DDoS attacks against PSN ( »