Fun Project? Mirai?

So, at my work I constantly have to check load times, latency (ICMP), TCP latency, etc. but there aren’t many tools to test this very well that are free (free because I like to test from multiple infrastructures and when I test them from most tools, they’re just AWS hosted…​not a very distributed system if they’re all from the same provier). So in effort to make a tool like this, would it be bad to take after Mirai (ya know, the project that "stunned" the IoT world (for whatever reason) to buff up their "security" (not use admin/admin as a login)). Essentially my idea is to take after their brute for simple passwords and on each event rather than making it connect back to a centralized control server (like a botnet), I’d store the login and connect, upload a small TCP diagnosis tool (and traceroute would be helpful too) that measures connection latency, etc. I’ll start blogging my progress with this, hopefully I don’t get lazy with this project but when it’s done I’ll post it to the public for anyone to use!

BrowserPreview tmp.gifg