Starbucks giftcards?

A while back there was a huge spree of cracking gift cards, it was hilarious to see companies quickly disable their gift card systems (Panera was one I saw a lot of). So, I checked back at a forum I remember doing a lot of cracking and I saw a rather interesting post. Someone had claimed to crack "a few thousand starbucks accounts", my initial impressions were "well damn…​that’s impressive! Must’ve at least been a little difficult", and then I looked at it…​and yeah…​you guessed it…​


When I looked at it, it was a normal form, no authentication or anything. No browser checking with cookie injection, no mandatory session IDs, nothing at all! (After a bit of testing there was a rate limit…​but really…​you can get past that with a list of proxies). I built up a little PoC to prove my point (didn’t really test it as it took me like 5 minutes to make).

What does the PoC do!?

The PoC goes through every combination of 16 digit numbers with every combination of PINs with 8 digits (simple, right?). Now, if you actually cared and wanted actual results instead of just using a ton of proxies for no reason, get a Starbucks gift card and use that as a base! IE: if the CardNumber was 6118845181561915 then start from that and move your way up to 9999999999999999 and do the same with the pin as they probably are starting from a base number as well! Nobody wants to see their card and have their pin be "00000001". If I ever get less lazy then I’ll make this an actual project that will work but for now lets see what Starbucks has to say.

Picture of the forum post: